Looking back: Models of Lung Disease 2019

"Very interactive – great networking!"

On January 24th and 25th,  2019, Fraunhofer ITEM once again organized the seminar “Models of Lung Disease” at the CRC Hannover – no. 18 in this series of seminars! Open to all interested persons from industry, academia, and authorities, this event has long become a tradition at Fraunhofer ITEM and is one of the institute’s flagships.

Different phases of translational research were addressed in excellent presentations from the subject areas COPD, asthma, lung infection and exacerbation, tumor development, fibrosis, imaging, and new technologies. In a total of 23 lectures, more than 100 participants from many different countries discussed new developments and findings and presented innovative models for lung research.  

Prizes were awarded for three scientific posters

At the end of day 1, prizes were awarded to the authors of the best three posters. Congratulations!

1st prize: Katarina Pardali, AstraZeneca: “AZD1402/PRS-060, an inhaled Anticalin IL-4Ra antagonist, potently inhibits IL-4-induced functional effects in human whole blood, which can be employed translationally in clinical studies”

2nd prize: Linda Plappert, Fraunhofer ITEM: ”3D organoid model for in-vitro testing of medical compounds“

3rd prize: Philippe Dänzer Barbosa, Fraunhofer ITEM/Hannover Medical School: “Evaluating the regenerative potential of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived lung basal stem cells using a teratoma model”

Participants' opinions

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