Conference  /  06/19/2018  -  06/22/2018

Conference of the American Association for Cancer Research

The conference “Cancer Dormancy and Residual Disease” will take place in Montreal, Canada, from June 19 to 20, 2018. Prof. Dr. Christoph A. Klein, conference co-chair and head of the Fraunhofer ITEM Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy, will give a talk about early dissemination of cancer cells and parallel genetic evolution at the metastatic site. In addition, Prof. Klein and his team from the University of Regensburg will present several posters on this topic.

This meeting aims to address this emerging biology in cancer research to increase awareness and research efforts and further strengthen the knowledge of MRD (minimal residual disease) biology. This conference will provide a forum to inspire new strategies to treat dormant disease, new imaging and diagnostic tools to track MRD and determine its state (active vs. dormant vs. cured), and new paradigms to make metastasis prevention by targeting dormant disease a reality in the clinic.