Congress  /  November 11, 2019  -  November 13, 2019

25th BIO-Europe® in Hamburg

Europe‘s largest partnering-conference for the biotech industry worldwide

This year‘s BIO-Europe® will be held in Hamburg (Germany) from November 11 to 13. As Europe's largest life science partnering conference, BIO-Europe® offers countless opportunities to engage with global life science partners: with representatives from the biotech, pharmaceutical, and finance sectors.

As one institute of the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences, Fraunhofer ITEM, together with Fraunhofer IME-TMP and Fraunhofer IZI-BB, will present its R & D services along the pharmaceutical development value chain. These include: preclinical pharmacology, toxicology testing, development of cell lines, GMP production of biopharmaceuticals for early-phase clinical trials, and conduct of early-stage and proof-of-concept clinical trials.

One of this year's thematic priorities is the presentation of the wide range of preclinical models in the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences. We offer a wide range of disease-relevant and toxicological models: to study the pharmacological effect, toxic side effects, or the fate of large and small molecules, cells and tissues in the body. Support and consulting in the development of preclinical and clinical concepts is also part of our service.
Whenever possible, we use in vitro test methods such as human 3D model systems and also vital tissue slices.

This year, the therapeutic areas at our focus, which we would like to inform you about, are: respiratory diseases, immunological diseases and inflammation, pain as well as neurodegenerative diseases. In the field of oncology, our colleagues from the Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy are developing diagnostic tests for early detection of disseminated cancer cells and prediction of the response to therapy of metastatic progenitor cells.
In addition to R & D services for our clients, we also have our own development pipeline.
Furthermore, you will receive information on our innovative platform technologies in the field of mobile diagnostics, cell-free biosynthesis, and various cell separation techniques and cultivation systems, e.g. single-cell manipulation, cell adhesion control and organ-on-a-chip.

Visit us in hall B7, booth 156.

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