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Chemical and biological risk assessment of food safety

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Crosscutting chemical and biological risk assessment guidance documents contribute to greater harmonization between the EFSA Panels’ work. In cooperation with Fraunhofer ITEM, EFSA is making available e-learning packages on a variety of topics to facilitate their implementation.

The e-learning is open to members of the EFSA Scientific Committee and Panels as well as to Working Group members, Network members and EFSA staff. Coordinator of EFSA's e-learning offer is Dr. Annette Bitsch, Fraunhofer ITEM Division Director of Chemical Risk Assessment, who has many years of experience in regulatory risk assessment.

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Training topics

The following EFSA e-learning packages are offered:

1. Principles of genotoxicity testing and related scientific assessment

Training Coordinators: Christina Ziemann (Fraunhofer ITEM), Annette Bitsch (Fraunhofer ITEM)

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Fraunhofer ITEM experts involved in EFSA's e-learning offer

Annette Bitsch

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Annette Bitsch

Course Coordinator

Phone +49 511 5350-302

Sylvia Escher

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Sylvia Escher

Training Coordinator “In-silico toxicology”

Phone +49 511 5350-330

Christina Ziemann

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Christina Ziemann

Training Coordinator “Principles of genotixicity testing and related scientific assessment”

Phone +49 511 5350-203