Two-day training and two-hour webinar  /  November 05, 2018  -  November 07, 2018

Training no. 5: Benchmark dose modeling in risk assessment

Training topic

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is to provide high-quality training courses to meet the needs for BenchMark Dose (BMD) modeling as identified by EFSA. The Training Coordinator and Tutors will make available their massive experience in organizing training courses in risk assessment, their unique expertise in the topics of the training courses and their extensive knowledge of the EFSA risk assessment practice.

The (updated) EFSA opinion on the BMD approach (2017) will be taken as guidance on how to apply the BMD approach. The BMD training course will be a mixture of lectures, discussions and practical sessions. The lectures will deal with the general principles of statistical analysis of dose-response data, with a focus on dose-response modeling. It will be discussed how a BMDL can be derived in the case of continuous and in the case of quantal data. Furthermore, it will be explained how different comparable datasets can be combined in a BMD analysis, thereby providing better information on the BMD. For developmental data, it will be shown how litter effects can be taken into account. In the practical sessions, datasets of different types will be offered as exercises in performing BMD analyses using the BMDS and the PROAST software. The intention is to use datasets from EFSA practice, to the extent possible.

In the practical sessions, participants will actually work with the data and perform BMD analyses themselves to experience the challenges of different aspects of data analysis, including interpretation of the results obtained. Throughout the training, participants will be challenged to make links between what they have learned and their own work within EFSA.


Organizational details 

As seating is limited for the two-day training course, some aspects of this topic will be trained in addition in a two-hour webinar held a few days after the two-day training course. You may register for the two-day training course or the webinar, or both. EFSA reserves the right to select the participants of each course from all registered persons. After the registration deadline, all registrants will be informed whether they can actually attend the selected training.

Training materials will be sent to all participants a few days prior to the training/webinar.