Congress  /  11/29/2018, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

FORUM Translational Medicine

Prof. Christoph Klein, Fraunhofer ITEM Division Director of Personalized Tumor Therapy, will give insights into the detection, characterization and monitoring of early and advanced systemic cancer at this year’s FORUM Translational Medicine in Würzburg.

For decades, primary tumors have been used to guide treatment decision for systemic cancer. Recent data have shown that cancer cells disseminate long before diagnosis, evolve independently at distant sites, and continue to change under therapy. Therefore, new concepts and technologies are needed that are specifically designed to the needs of systemic cancer.

The FORUM Translational Medicine 2018, taking place in Würzburg on November 29, 2018, is the first event of a biennial series with a focus on the challenges and possibilities of the translational process of biomedical research, clinical development, and precision therapies. The conference will present highlights in research and development of new therapies – from academia, clinic, spin-offs, and industry.