Exposure science

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This research area covers characterization of the sources of potentially harmful (airborne) substances, their spreading/dispersion and transformation, human and environmental exposure to such substances, and uptake and distribution in the organism. Our current research activities reflect the large thematic scope.

For example, we are currently working to develop in-situ optical systems for surveying of organic aerosols (e-cigarettes, oil fumes) and novel approaches to characterize the potential exposure to inhalable aerosols resulting from spraying processes.

Another research topic we are currently working on is the development and validation of novel strategies for data and model-based, reliable exposure assessment. This includes generation of relevant substance and process data, development of substance dispersion models and of exposure scenarios which closely and completely map the real-life situation.


Katharina Schwarz

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Dr.-Ing. Katharina Schwarz

Head of Department of Aerosol Technology and Aerosol Biophysics

Phone +49 511 5350-139

Stefan Hahn

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Dr. Stefan Hahn

Group Manager

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