Working at Fraunhofer

1. Work-life balance

Only happy and well-adjusted individuals can cope with demanding challenges. Fraunhofer ITEM wants to give all its employees every opportunity to organize their work flexibly, as far as possible. Flexible working hours help employees balance work and personal life.


2. Family-friendly policies

Reconciliation of work and family life is a priority at Fraunhofer ITEM. Through a variety of different working hours schemes, we offer support to employees with caregiving responsibilities for minor children or an aging or disabled family member. Additional emergency childcare offers in the form of a “parent-child office” and cooperation with “pme Familienservice” for individual care solutions can also be highly beneficial in improving work and family conditions.


3. Diversity/equal opportunities

We treasure our diversity. A mix of different talents, ages, living conditions, and qualifications triggers creative work and innovations. This is why we are committed to equal opportunities for males and females and in recruitment procedures give preference to severely disabled applicants in case of equal qualifications.


4. Perspectives

We will strengthen your competencies. Continued professional training and education is a top priority at Fraunhofer. Every employee is given the opportunity to further develop his or her skills. The comprehensive Fraunhofer Education Program, for example, offers seminars and e-learning modules, not only for professional qualification, but also with regard to soft skills as well as methodological and management competencies.

The Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover with its Division of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Braunschweig and its Working Group on Personalized Tumor Therapy in Regensburg can offer a broad range of career opportunities, regardless of whether you are a student, fresh graduate, or experienced professional.