Lighthouse projects


High-Performance Center Translational Biomedical Engineering

The aim of this High-Performance Center is to close the gap between basic research and first clinical trials with particular emphasis on safety aspects.


German-Australian iCAIR project

iCAIR® (Fraunhofer International Consortium for Anti-Infective Research) acts as a research association for the development of anti-infective therapies.


An integrated European “flagship” program driving mechanism-based, animal-free toxicity testing and risk assessment for the 21st century



The aim of the German research project “Phage4Cure” is to establish bacteriophages as an approved drug in the fight against infection. 


Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases CIMD

The primary goal of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases is the translation of innovative ideas and identified targets into individualized therapies for immune-mediated diseases. The collaborating institutes want to bridge the existing gap from research on novel medications to what is actually available to patients.