Upstream: Microbial cultivation

Fraunhofer ITEM develops robust and reliable microbial cultivation processes (bacteria, fungi, and yeasts) from laboratory scale to pilot scale with state of-the-art primary recovery/harvesting tools, evaluation and validation of process parameters.


Development and scale-up of batch and fed-batch cultivation processes

Optimization of cultivation process parameters

Evaluation of critical process parameters

In-process control analysis for media parameters

Analytical tools for product and impurity quantification

Development of processes for preparation of inclusion bodies

Reaction kinetics

Model development

Simulation of stationary and dynamic biological systems

Methods and hardware

Cultivation systems: stainless-steel stirred tank bioreactors from small scale (10 l) to 400 l, single-use bioreactors (Wave system), parallel laboratory-scale bioreactor systems for screening purposes

Filtration systems: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and sterile filtration

Centrifugation systems: steam-sterilizable solid-ejecting centrifuges (CSA8, CSH30-hycon technology), tubular centrifuges (CEPA)

Cell disruption systems: high-pressure homogenizer, chemical/enzymatic tools