Preclinical efficacy testing

We offer disease-relevant models for efficacy testing of drug candidates in all relevant therapeutic areas of respiratory medicine. We are committed to enabling reliable prediction of the efficacy of drug candidates – by constant development of new methods in collaboration with academic institutions and research centers.

Assessing the efficacy of a drug substance requires an understanding of biological and pathological mechanisms and their impact on the patient’s living conditions. Our therapeutically relevant models, therefore, are based not only on a broad variety of cells, tissues, and laboratory animals such as rodents and non-human primates, but also elucidate different disease aspects. We cover all therapeutically relevant diseases of the respiratory tract: from COPD and asthma to infections via pulmonary fibrosis and tumors.



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Accelerated and reliable drug development:

We are reliable, dependable, and on schedule.

We are currently collaborating as a partner in more than 50 industry and research projects, 5 EU-funded projects, and 8 projects receiving national funding. We know what the current issues are.

Our disease-relevant models are reproducible, dose-dependent, and have been validated with authorized benchmark references.

Our scientists are internationally renowned experts who will be happy to advise you on scientific issues.

The quality of our work is outstanding, allowing results to be reproduced again and again.