Development of medical inhalers

Medical inhaler technology is increasingly evolving from simple, constant drug administration to intelligent, breathing-controlled systems for inhalation treatment with pharmaceuticals.

At Fraunhofer ITEM, we develop products and test benches to the point of meeting the requirements for use in clinical trials or as validated measurement systems.

We are thus able to make an important contribution to your development process: from initial explorative research via prototype manufacturing and verification to the first clinical trials. Our aim is to support above all small and medium-sized enterprises in their development projects.

Our services and expertise

Bringing medical devices into clinic: respiratory devices and drugs

Development of smart inhalation devices: Drug administration, especially in patients with ventilator support, is practically restricted to liquid formulations. Our innovative CPA technology (CPA = continuous powder aerosolization) enables continuous release and measurement of high doses of dry powder. This technology can be used not only in spontaneously breathing patients, but also under respiratory support.

Dry powder inhaler: Development of novel systems and formulations for the generation of medicinal aerosols is a complex process taking place in a highly regulated environment. Supporting our customers with a novel technology approach for the administration of medications at high doses is one of our areas of expertise.

Optimized humidification of aerosols for inhalation: Inhalation of therapeutics can result in adverse reactions like coughing, especially when inhaling dry-powder aerosols. Our novel humidification technology offers the possibility to continuously release high doses of dry powder without causing adverse effects during inhalation.