Testing of medical inhalers

Development of customized test benches – Testing novel devices with standard methods is often not possible. This is why relevant standards leave scope for action. ISO 20072, for example, does not stipulate the test method to be used for testing of inhalation devices. Quite the contrary, for novel inhalation systems in many cases it is necessary to follow a risk-based approach and adapt existing or develop new test methods.

We use standard methods as well, but our focus is on testing novel devices and especially devices used in inhalation circuits for adults and neonates. This includes not only measurements of device performance, but also investigation of any impact the delivered substance may have on the whole ventilator circuit. This might be, for example, blockage of filters or other air-conducting pathways, such as nasal prongs of neonates.

Development of customized test benches

Enhancement of standard test methods or development of new methods according to a risk-based approach and taking into account specific project requirements

Verification of device performance with the above methods during the development phase

Identification of potential unwanted effects of medicinal aerosols on the inhalation circuit