virtual via MS Teams  /  May 25, 2022, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Session 3 with Maria Baltazar on May 25, 2022 within the series “Future predictive models – alternative methods to animal testing”

Several theoretical frameworks describing a tiered approach for next generation risk assessment (NGRA) have been published over the past few years (Berggren et al. 2017; Dent et al. 2018), but concrete NGRA examples of how to analyze, integrate and interpret all the data obtained from new-approach methodologies (NAMs) in order to inform a safety decision are still lacking. Confidence in applying NAMs in a decision-making context will only come with learning by doing and sharing more case studies.

Therefore, in this session, Maria Baltazar and her team want to share their recent NGRA case study work (Baltazar et al. 2020; Hatherell S. et al. 2020; Moxon et al. 2020; Reynolds et al. 2021) where they integrated currently available NAMs in a hypothetical safety assessment of 0.1% coumarin in cosmetic products to make a safety decision without using any animal data.