Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine

Chip-based cell analysis by chip cytometry

New technology at Fraunhofer ITEM enables sputum analysis by chip cytometry.

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Highlights 2017 – our annual report

Toxicology of the 21st century, new therapeutic approaches to treat bacterial infections, High-Performance Center Translational Biomedical Engineering. Our highlights in the past year.

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A successful step in COPD research

The results of an innovative clinical study have proven a significantly positive effect on the heart function of COPD patients.

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Official launch of the iCAIR project

German-Australian collaboration: battling infection and resistance

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Project EU-ToxRisk

Fraunhofer ITEM scientists will test new approach methodologies for animal-free toxicity testing and risk assessment

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High-Performance Center Translational Biomedical Engineering

From basic research to clinical testing of medical devices.

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P.R.I.T.® exposure system

We offer new approaches for in-vitro testing of inhalable substances.

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Fraunhofer ITEM: News

News / 21.6.2018


The overall aim of the project “RespiraTox” is to develop a QSAR model tool that reliably predicts the human respiratory irritancy potential of chemicals.

News / 1.6.2018

Airborne pollutants

In an interview, Dr. Tanja Hansen explained how airborne pollutants can be detected, identified, and assessed with animal-free methods or only a minimum of animal experiments.

News / 31.5.2018

Important visitors

Germany´s federal minister of research Karliczek and Lower Saxony´s minister Thümler came to update themselves on infection research in Lower Saxony.

News / 25.5.2018

Mathematical Biosciences

Article in "Nature Systems Biology and Applications": Recognizing hidden mechanisms of cell regulation.


Fraunhofer ITEM

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NanoTox 2018

During NanoTox 2018 in Neuss (Germany) from September 18 to 21, Fraunhofer ITEM scientists will contribute several oral and poster presentations to give insights into recent research work.
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ERS International Congress 2018

At the ERS International Congress in Paris from September 15 to 19, Fraunhofer ITEM will present results of its recent airway research.
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Umwelt 2018

During the environment congress “Umwelt 2018” in September, Fraunhofer toxicologist Dr. Stefan Hahn will present current approaches in chemical risk assessment.
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Eurotox 2018

With two posters we will actively contribute to the scientific program of EUROTOX 2018 in Brussels from September 2 to 5.
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Our services and expertise


Drug Development

From drug candidate to proof of concept


Chemical Safety and Assessment

From risk analysis towards safe products


Translational Biomedical Engineering

From idea to safe medical device


Personalized Tumor Therapy

From molecular analysis to personalized therapy

About Fraunhofer ITEM

The Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM is one of approximately 70 institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's leading organization for applied research. Protecting man from health hazards in our industrialized world and contributing to the development of novel therapeutic approaches are the aims Fraunhofer ITEM is pursuing with its contract research. With a focus on airway research, our R&D portfolio includes three thematic areas: drug development, chemical safety, and translational biomedical engineering. In addition, our scientists in Regensburg do research in the field of personalized tumor therapy.

With a staff of approximately 300 at its locations in Hannover, Braunschweig and Regensburg, the institute cooperates with industry, service providers, and public authorities in projects that drive economic development and serve the wider benefit of society.

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