Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine

19th Fraunhofer Seminar "Models of Lung Disease"

New findings and developments in translational lung research on February 6 and 7, 2020 in Hannover. Register now!

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Respiratory infections

Fraunhofer ITEM research teams are facing up to the challenges in infection research. Dr. Sabine Wronski, manager of the Working Group on Infection and Immunology, talks about this in an interview.

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Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases CIMD

By teaming up with Fraunhofer IME, Fraunhofer IZI and other partners, we aim to advance the translation of innovative ideas and identified targets into individualized therapies for immune-mediated diseases.

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Excellent stage for excellent research!

Fraunhofer ITEM is a part of the nationwide campaign “Hannover – city of excellence”

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Replacing animal testing

Fraunhofer ITEM advances the development of new-approach methodologies. Our scientists Dr. Sylvia Escher and Dr. Tanja Hansen discussed the paradigm shift in chemical risk assessment.

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New guidance for endocrine disruptors and biocides

We support our clients concerning the compilation of data for the evaluation of the endocrine potential of biocides.

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Gentle treatment for premature babies

Researchers at Fraunhofer ITEM are working on an intelligent inhalation system for babies with lung diseases.

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MDR – handicap for the innovation hotspot Germany

High-Performance Center Translational Biomedical Engineering is suggesting specific measures for a revision of the Medical Device Regulation.

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Chip-based cell analysis by chip cytometry

New technology at Fraunhofer ITEM enables sputum analysis by chip cytometry.

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Project EU-ToxRisk

Fraunhofer ITEM scientists will test new-approach methodologies for animal-free toxicity testing and risk assessment.

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Fraunhofer ITEM: News


Press Release / 3.12.2019

EU project imSAVAR

Making novel therapeutics safer: Fraunhofer ITEM participates in an EU project to develop innovative model systems for the evaluation of immunomodulatory therapeutics.

Press Release / 4.12.2019

Fighting infections and resistances

In the iCAIR® project, Fraunhofer researchers are developing new, urgently needed agents against influenza.

News / 4.12.2019

New Publication in "Toxicology in Vitro"

"In vitro inhalation cytotoxicity testing of therapeutic nanosystems for pulmonary infection"


News / 25.11.2019

Models of Lung Disease 2020 – register now!

The 19th Fraunhofer Seminar “Models of Lung Disease” will take place from February 6 to 7, 2020. Preliminary program available.

News / 19.9.2019

InnoHealth China 2020

Go China with InnoHealth China: Call for Ideas & Innovation

News / 13.11.2019

TRAIN Academy completed!

Congratulations to the Fraunhofer ITEM scientists Susann Dehmel and Vanessa Neuhaus!


Fraunhofer ITEM

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19th Fraunhofer Seminar "Models of Lung Disease"

On February 6 and 7, 2020, the 19th Fraunhofer Seminar "Models of Lung Disease" will take place at the CRC Hannover. Online registration is open.
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DZL Annual Meeting 2020

The Annual Meeting 2020 of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL) will be held in Travemünde (Germany) on January 23 and 24 and, as usual, Fraunhofer ITEM, partner in the network BREATH, will actively participate in this meeting.
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Workshop of GfV

From November 28 to 29, the Working Group on Virus Vectors and Gene Therapy of the German Society for Virology (GfV) will hold a workshop dedicated to the topic "From virus to vector to medicine". Interesting projects from this thematic area will be presented in short lectures. The Fraunhofer ITEM scientists Orsolya Hamusics and Melanie Spahn will each contribute an oral presentation to the agenda of this workshop.
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Cefic-LRI Workshop

Fraunhofer ITEM will participate in the Cefic-LRI workshop in Brussels with two contributions: Dr. Monika Batke will give an oral presentation on the topic ”Incorporation of repeated-dose study information for non-DNA-reactive carcinogens into CPDB database and analysis of threshold values“ and Dr. Katharina Schwarz will present a poster about the parameterization of PBPK models for inhalation exposure.
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Chemical Safety and Assessment

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Translational Biomedical Engineering

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Personalized Tumor Therapy

From molecular analysis to personalized therapy

About Fraunhofer ITEM

The Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM is one of approximately 70 institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's leading organization for applied research. Protecting man from health hazards in our industrialized world and contributing to the development of novel therapeutic approaches are the aims Fraunhofer ITEM is pursuing with its contract research. With a focus on airway research, our R&D portfolio includes three thematic areas: drug development, chemical safety, and translational biomedical engineering. In addition, our scientists in Regensburg do research in the field of personalized tumor therapy.

With a staff of approximately 300 at its locations in Hannover, Braunschweig and Regensburg, the institute cooperates with industry, service providers, and public authorities in projects that drive economic development and serve the wider benefit of society.

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