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Press release / 1.2.2023

Improved wound healing

Fraunhofer researchers have succeeded in producing a bioresorbable membrane that is neither cytotoxic nor genotoxic.

BIOSYNTH project: DNA for data storage

Modular high-throughput microplatform for future mass data storage based on synthetic biology

Press release / 4.10.2022

Medical engineering to help assess nanoparticles

Fraunhofer scientists are developing the exposure device NanoCube whose integrated multi-organ chip detects interaction of nanoparticles and lung cells. 


Fraunhofer magazine / 31.3.2023

RNA-based antiviral drugs

Could getting rid of your cough, cold or fever be as simple as inhaling a spray? With RNA-based antiviral drugs, the answer could soon be yes.

News / 25.8.2022

Understanding Cabin Air Quality

The recently launched research project ”Cabin air quality III“ is aimed at assessing long-term effects of contaminants that aircraft passengers and crew members are exposed to on board.


Press release / 1.12.2022

Designer immune cells for drug discovery, potency and safety testing

Precise therapeutics testing - preventing animal testing.

Press release / 29.6.2022

Project FibroPaths®

Therapeutic modulation of organ fibrosis in biochip format. 

Project / 24.2.2023

Project MyDeepLearn

Valuable support for early diagnosis: End-to-end web application for image analysis using neural networks. 

Our research and development expertise

For more than four decades, we have been developing solutions for human health


Cardiopulmonary research

Through the establishment of a Division of Cardiovascular Research in 2021, the long-standing expertise in lung research is experiencing a synergetic further development of high clinical relevance. 

Medical and pharmaceutical engineering

Next to innovative inhalation technologies, our focus is on developing novel technologies for administration of therapeutic aerosols by means of smart drug/device combination products.


Malignant disease research

The Fraunhofer ITEM Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy in Regensburg is aimed at understanding a patient’s individual condition, establishing appropriate diagnostics and optimizing therapies.

Bioinformatics and AI

Our researchers develop methods for preparation, analysis and visualization of biomedical data, as well as data models and data analysis pipelines. The focus is on the mapping of cellular and regulatory processes and their translation into applications.


RNA technologies

RNA-based therapeutics are a drug class with huge potential for medicine. Fraunhofer ITEM researchers develop novel drugs and methods for RNA-based therapeutic concepts.



Based on the next generation risk assessment concept, Fraunhofer ITEM develops new assessment strategies to provide predictive models for assessing the safety of compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.


Immunology and infection research

The development, formulation and mode of delivery of anti-infective agents, for example for inhaled administration as drug aerosols, are research topics of current interest at the institute.

Our services


Chemical Safety and Assessment


Translational Biomedical Engineering


Personalized Tumor Therapy


Fraunhofer ITEM

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Models of Lung Disease 2023

The 21st Fraunhofer Seminar "Models of Lung Disease" with up to 120 attendees will be held in Hannover, Germany, on June 22 and 23, 2023, with a thematic focus on lung infection.
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Workshop Alternatives to Animal Testing 2023

The workshop Alternatives to Animal Testing will be taking place at Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover on June, 21, 2023.
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ICCE 2023

This year’s International Conference will be held in Venice (Italy) from June 11 to 15, 2023. Dr. Susanne Schwonbeck from Fraunhofer ITEM will contribute an oral presentation.
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EACR Industry Webinar

Dr. Cäcilia Köstler and Dr. Bernhard Polzer will discuss their research exploring the potential of cerebrospinal fluid liquid biopsies in a EACR-hosted webinar on April 27, 2023.
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About Fraunhofer ITEM

The Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM is one of 76 institutes and research institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the world’s leading applied research organization. Protecting man from health hazards in our industrialized world and contributing to the development of novel therapeutic approaches are the aims Fraunhofer ITEM is pursuing with its contract research. With a focus on cardiopulmonary research, our R&D portfolio includes three business areas: Drug Development, Chemical Safety and Translational Biomedical Engineering. In addition, our scientists in Regensburg do research in the field of personalized tumor therapy.

With a staff of around 450 at its locations in Hannover, Braunschweig and Regensburg, the institute cooperates with industry, service providers, and public authorities in projects that drive economic development and serve the wider benefit of society.


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