Our services and expertise

Research at Fraunhofer ITEM is focused on human health – and this has been so for over 35 years. The emphasis is on two aspects: firstly, on protecting health from potentially harmful, in particular airborne substances, be they gases, aerosols, particles, fibers, or nanomaterials, and secondly, on investigating and developing diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the field of inflammatory and allergic respiratory conditions, both at the preclinical and clinical levels. The lung and the airways are at the focus of research and development, but Fraunhofer ITEM is also investigating other subject areas. Examples are the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, tumor therapy, and translational biomedical engineering.


Drug Development

From drug candidate to proof of concept


Chemical Safety and Assessment

From risk analysis towards safe products


Translational Biomedical Engineering

From idea to safe medical product


Personalized Tumor Therapy

From molecular analysis to personalized therapy