Exposure characterization

We characterize human exposure to gases and aerosols / particles at workplaces, in indoor air and in the environment, with a focus on inhalation exposure. For this purpose, we combine state-of-the-art measurement technology with mathematical modeling tools and provide necessary adaptations to customize a solution to a client's specific needs or guarantee its compliance with relevant regulations.

The results serve to assess risks to human health and the environment, to support substance and product registration and authorization, and to improve product safety. The required studies are performed at the Fraunhofer ITEM in compliance with national and international regulations (both GLP and non-GLP).

Exposure characterization
© Fraunhofer ITEM, Ralf Mohr

Overview of our services

Exposure characterization
© Fraunhofer ITEM, Ralf Mohr

Physical and chemical measurement of aerosol and vapor emissions:

  • aerosols include dusts, (nano-)particles, sprays, oil mists and vapors, and microorganisms
  • gases include volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds.

Mathematical modeling of inhalation exposure:

  • dispersion of pollutants (SprayExpo, used e.g. for biocides; quantification of particle deposition and resuspension for indoor air models)
  • lung deposition and absorption (inter-species comparison; clearance and solubility)

Development of custom measurement and process technology:

  • measurement technology for dusts and aerosols (PM10, PM2.5, exhaust gases, nanoparticles)
  • aerosol generation methods (calibration aerosols, nebulization methods, dry powder dispersion)
  • process development (Method development and customized analyses)


Katharina Schwarz

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