Departments and contact names

Institute Director

Norbert Krug

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Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Krug

Executive Director

Phone +49 511 5350-8100


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Marlene Rauschenbach


Phone +49 511 5350-169

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Department Chemical Safety and Toxicology

Annette Bitsch

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Dr. Annette Bitsch

Division Director Chemical Safety and Toxicology

Phone +49 511 5350-302

Sylvia Escher

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Sylvia Escher

Head of Department of In-silico Toxicology

Phone +49 511 5350-330

Ariane Zwintscher

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Dipl.-Ing. Ariane Zwintscher

Head of Department of Regulatory Issues

Phone +49 511 5350-312

Otto Creutzenberg

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Otto Creutzenberg

Head of Department of Inhalation Toxicology

Phone +49 511 5350-461

Katharina Schwarz

Contact Press / Media

Dr.-Ing. Katharina Schwarz

Head of Department of Aerosol Technology and Aerosol Biophysics

Phone +49 511 5350-139

Sven Schuchardt

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Sven Schuchardt

Head of Department of Bio and Environmental Analytics

Phone +49 511 5350-218

Rupert Kellner

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Dr. Rupert Kellner

Manager of the Working Group on Databases and Information Systems

Phone +49 511 5350-106

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Petra Wiedemeier

Manager of the Working Group on Documentation

Phone +49 511 5350-327

Fax +49 511 5350-155

Department Airway Research

Jens Hohlfeld

Contact Press / Media

Prof. Dr. med. Jens Hohlfeld

Division Director of Airway Research

Phone +49 511 5350-8101

Philipp Badorrek

Contact Press / Media

Dr. med. Dipl.-Kfm. Philipp Badorrek

Head of Department of Clinical Airway Research

Phone +49 511 5350-8130

Meike Müller

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Meike Müller

Head of Department Biomarker Analysis and Development

Phone +49 511 5350-8144

Antje Prasse

Contact Press / Media

Prof. Dr. Antje Prasse

Head of Department of Clinical and Translational Fibrosis Research

Phone +49 511 5350-8151

Olaf Holz

Contact Press / Media

Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Holz

Manager of the Working Group on Clinical Methods Development

Phone +49 511 5350-8141

Department Translational Biomedical Engineering

Gerhard Pohlmann

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Gerhard Pohlmann

Division Director of Translational Biomedical Engineering

Phone  +49 511 5350-116

Theodor Doll

Contact Press / Media

Prof. Dr. Theodor Doll

Head of Department of Implant Systems

Phone +49 511 5350-248

Department Preclinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

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Prof. Dr. Armin Braun

Division Director of Preclinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Phone +49 511 5350-263

Katherina Sewald

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Katherina Sewald

Head of Department of Preclinical Pharmacology and In-vitro Toxicology

Phone +49 511 5350-323

Susanne Rittinghausen

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Susanne Rittinghausen

Head of Department of Pathology

Phone +49 511 5350-310

Sabine Wronski

Contact Press / Media

Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Wronski

Manager of the Working Group on Infection and Immunology

Phone +49 511 5350-444

Tanja Hansen

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Tanja Hansen

Manager of the Working Group on In-vitro Test Systems

Phone +49 511 5350-226

Christina Ziemann

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Christina Ziemann

Manager of the Working Group on Genetic Toxicology and Tumor Research

Phone +49 511 5350-203

Department Personalized Tumor Therapy

Christoph Andreas Klein

Contact Press / Media

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Andreas Klein

Division Director of Personalized Tumor Therapy

Phone +49 941 298480-21

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Stefan Kirsch

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Stefan Kirsch

Manager of the Working Group on Innovative Molecular Technologies and Biomarker Discovery

Phone +49 941 298480-26

Bernhard Michael Polzer

Contact Press / Media

Dr. med. Bernhard Michael Polzer

Manager of the Working Group on Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics

Phone +49 941 298480-23

Christian Werno

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Christian Werno

Manager of the Working Group on Preclinical Therapy Models

Phone +49 941 298480-51

Kamran Honarnejad

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Kamran Honarnejad

Arbeitsgruppenleiter für Hochdurchsatz-Drug- und -Target-Discovery

Phone +49 941 298480-54

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Jens  Warfsmann

Arbeitsgruppenleiter für Bioinformatik und Datenmanagement

Phone +49 941 298480-28

Department Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Holger Ziehr

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Holger Ziehr

Division Director of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Phone +49 531 6181-6000

Jens Paulsen

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Jens Paulsen

Manager of the Working Group on Downstream Processing

Phone +49 531 6181-6400

Claudius Seitz

Contact Press / Media

Dr.-Ing. Claudius Seitz

Manager of the Working Group on Microbial Cultivation

Phone +49 531 6181-6347

Markus Heine

Contact Press / Media

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Heine

Manager of the Working Group on Cell Culturing Techniques

Phone +49 531 6181-6307

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Nico Langer

Manager of the Working Group on Quality Control

Phone +49 531 6181-6502


Cornelia Jürgens

Contact Press / Media

Cornelia Jürgens

Head of Information Manager

Phone +49 511 5350-517

Department Marketing and Business Development

Contact Press / Media

Dipl.-Kauffrau Annegret Seehafer

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Phone +49 511 5350-402

Anna Juhrs

Contact Press / Media

Anna Juhrs

Marketing Communications Manager

Phone +49 511 5350-344

Cathrin Nastevska

Contact Press / Media

Dr. rer. nat. Cathrin Nastevska

Public Relations

Phone +49 511 5350-225

Department Quality Assurance

Contact Press / Media

Jens Gerdelmann

Head of Quality Assurance

Phone +49 511 5350-349