Services and expertise in Chemical Safety and Assessment: towards safe products

Our services and expertise


Toxicology testing

We help protect human health and the environment – toxicology testing of chemicals, particles, complex mixtures, and nanomaterials.


Bio- and Environmental Analytics

We offer custom-tailored solutions for your analytical requirements.


Exposure characterization

Physical and chemical measurement of aerosol and vapor emissions, mathematical modeling of inhalation exposure, and development of custom measurement and process technology.


Regulatory risk assessment

We assess the potential risks from chemicals to human health and the environment.



Industrial chemicals

Plant protection products


Food and feed products 


Regulatory research

Development and further development of chemical risk assessment strategies ((Q)SAR models, read-across, waiving etc.). 

Our aim: reducing potential risks and enabling safe use of chemical products

We are committed to bringing safe products to the market and to protecting public health and the environment. The general objective of chemical risk assessment methodologies is to facilitate both scientific and data-informed decision-making. The process has both qualitative and quantitative components and is generally composed of four steps: hazard identification, dose-response assessment (i.e. DNEL derivation), exposure assessment, and risk characterization.

Our experience covers investigation of chemicals, (nano-)particles, fibers, and complex mixtures as they occur at workplaces, in the environment, and in consumer products.

Based on our core competencies, we provide information supporting decision-makers in reducing potential risks and enabling safe use of chemical products.

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Our core competencies in chemical safety and assessment

Our core competencies in chemical safety and assessment
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  • Characterization of inhalable aerosols: Fraunhofer ITEM has its core competencies in the fields of “Inhalation, Fiber and Particle Toxicology” and “Aerosol Research and Analytical Chemistry”. In the research and development phase, this expertise is applied in integrated product safety assessments and the development of sophisticated methods for exposure and (eco-)toxicological effect characterization.
  • Exposure assessments: Fraunhofer ITEM has a high competence in different kinds of exposure estimation for humans and the environment. This includes exposure modeling under REACH and for biocides, but also exposure scenarios, e.g. in the cosmetics industry.
  • Toxicological guideline studies: Fraunhofer ITEM has the capacity and know-how to conduct toxicological guideline studies in accordance with the principles of GLP.
  • Integrated testing strategies and concepts for toxicological risk assessment: We offer full-service packages for risk assessment and support registration and authorization processes according to current legislation.
  • Sustainable use of chemicals: Fraunhofer ITEM scientists engage in the refinement of environmental emission scenarios (modeling).
  • Contract research for national authorities and international associations


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