Method Development

Cutting-Edge Technologies: From the Patient Sample to Molecular Analysis of Single Cells

»To detect and treat systemic cancers, the development of robust, highly sensitive, and affordable methods is required in order to isolate and analyze minute amounts from liquid biopsies.«

Prof. Dr. Christoph Andreas Klein, Division Director of Personalized Tumor Therapy


Preanalytics & diagnostics

Tissue disaggregation, the enrichment of rare cell populations, and the isolation of single cells from liquid and solid biopsies (including FFPE tissue).


Preclinical Models

The in vitro / in vivo expansion and molecular characterization of tumor cells from liquid and tissue biopsies and the generation of cell models from clinical samples.

High-throughput method for pharmaceutical compound testing

Automation of high-throughput pharmaceutical compound testing and target identification methods on established and patient-derived cell models.


Multiomics and single-cell analysis

Automated, multimodal ((epi)genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic) analysis of rare cell populations and single cells. 


Bioinformatics and mathematical modelling

Genome and gene expression analysis, high-throughput / high-content screening analysis, software and GDPR-compliant database development, therapy prognosis.