Mission statement

Our vision – what we stand for

We live in an increasingly dynamic world. Technological cycles are getting ever shorter, lifestyles and requirement change dramatically. Needed are innovative solutions that add value for all stakeholders. Fraunhofer ITEM develops solutions to address these demands. With our mission statement we pave the way towards a successful future. Here we define, what we stand for, where we want to go and which values and principles guide us to jointly master current and future challenges.

Our vision: Fraunhofer ITEM – Pioneers for sustainable health

© Fraunhofer ITEM

Our mission – what drives us

We do research to improve health, to protect against hazards, and to generate safety.

We assess and develop tomorrow's materials, medicines, and medical devices.

We combine basic research and industrial application in the regulatory environment.

Our values – how we collaborate

© Fraunhofer ITEM
  • We act responsibly for the organization, its employees, our colleagues and ourselves.
  • We cultivate open, respectful and result-driven communication.
  • We practice multi-disciplinary teamwork.
  • We make decisions by involving the competence of our employees.
  • We acknowledge good performance, of both individuals and teams.
  • We establish a learning culture and deal with errors openly and constructively.
  • We are a reliable partner for clients.
  • We support and develop our employees.


Does work!

Why not. It does work. It does function. There must be a way.

Does work - two little words with a powerful message. They stand for independent thinking, persistence, determination, single-mindedness, tenacity and the spirit of research. They stand for Fraunhofer. Say "Does work". Keep pushing the limits. Always trying something new. Think out the box.

This is the principle of Fraunhofer. Because we won't rest satisfied with a simple Yes or No. Because where others give up, we come up with ideas. Because we want to make sure that at the end of every project, it can be said: does work.