Mission statement

Our vision – what we stand for

Fraunhofer ITEM – Pioneers for sustainable health

We are living in an increasingly dynamic world. Technological cycles are getting ever shorter, demography and lifestyles are changing rapidly. These developments entail questions and challenges – challenges in particular that affect people's sustainable health. We do not want to "alleviate symptoms in the short term" – we want to contribute to a healthy future in the long term. For us, this does not just mean helping people who are ill to gain better health, but also protecting people from health risks in their everyday lives and working environments. Creatively and with a view to practical application, we develop solutions to address these needs. We are pioneers for sustainable health.

Our mission – what drives us

We do research to improve health, to protect against hazards, and to generate safety.

We assess and develop tomorrow's materials, medicines, and medical devices.

We combine basic research and industrial application in the regulatory environment.

Our values – how we collaborate

  • We act responsibly for the organization, its employees, our colleagues and ourselves.
  • We cultivate open, respectful and result-driven communication.
  • We practice multi-disciplinary teamwork.
  • We support and develop our employees.
  • We make decisions by involving the competence of our employees.
  • We acknowledge good performance, of both individuals and teams.
  • We are a reliable partner for clients.
  • We establish a learning culture and deal with errors openly and constructively.


Norbert Krug

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Prof. Dr. Norbert Krug

Institute Director

Phone 0511-5350-8100