Toxicology testing of chemical substances

We help protect man and the environment

We are commited to protecting human health with regard to environmental pollutants and to helping assess and manage potential risks – by using our expert knowledge in toxicology.

We offer our clients a broad range of toxicological tests enabling assessment of potential risks to human health. Substances we investigate include chemicals, particles, complex mixtures, and nanomaterials.

The focus is on inhalation toxicology and on characterizing inhalable substances. Our expertise ranges from the development and implementation of testing strategies to accompanying and providing consultancy to companies in registering their products.

A sound basis for our work is provided by the institute’s expertise in inhalation, fiber and particle toxicology, and in aerosol research and chemical analysis.

Our services and expertise

Regulatory assessment by means of standard tests in compliance with international guidelines (OECD, EU, EPA, or FDA)

Characterization of molecular mechanisms of action

Toxicological databases (RITA, goRENI, DevTox)

P.R.I.T.® exposure system for in-vitro exposure of cells and tissues to airborne, soluble, and particulate test substances at air/liquid interfaces

Your benefits

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Comprehensive consulting and support throughout the registration and authorization process

Tailored concepts for registration

Access to a broad range of methods, special methods, and validated test systems and models

By serving as advisors in various committees, we are always up to date on changes in the relevant guidelines

As a non-university research institution, we can be a partner in applying for public funding

The P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube® system: testing of volatile chemicals for inhalation toxicity

© Fraunhofer ITEM, Ralf Mohr

Fraunhofer ITEM uses the P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube® system to characterize the biological effects of volatile chemicals in vitro by means of human lung cells. This method enables also testing of substances which, due to certain physicochemical properties such as high vapor pressure or low solubility in water, normally are not suitable for testing in cell-based in-vitro test systems.

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