Theses completed in 2022

Doctoral theses


Dettmer, Rabea Angela

Wirkung proinflammatorischer Zytokine auf Betazellen generiert aus humanen pluripotenten Stammzellen.

Hannover Medical School, 2022


Konzok, Sebastian

Characterization and modulation of cancer cell growth in human lung and lymph node tissue ex vivo models to study early metastatic events.

Hannover Medical School, 2022


Meinecke, Anna

Molecular and functional characterization of anti-fibrotic small molecules to treat cardiovascular diseases and the identification of a novel circular RNA biomarker.

Hannover Medical School, 2022


Wilczek, Adriana Luisa

Serum circular RNAs act as blood-based biomarkers for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy.

Hannover Medical School, 2022


Master's theses


Dreger, Celine

Enrichment and Analysis of single tumor cells from Liquor Cerebrospinalis of patients with brain tumors

University of Regensburg, 2022


Gädert, Leonie

Effects of type 2 innate lymphoid cells and mast cells in adverse events during interleukin-2 therapy

Hannover Medical School, 2022



Bachelor's theses