Workshop  /  October 01, 2024  -  October 02, 2024

Workshop Advanced RNA Methods & Applications

Fraunhofer Academy workshop in cooperation with Fraunhofer CIMD at Fraunhofer ITEM

The potential of RNA-based therapeutic strategies from target discovery to target delivery – a practical training course

Do you work in the field of RNA research and are interested in learning more about modern RNA methods and how to apply them in practice? Would you like to gain experience in the production and characterization of RNA-LNPs, as well as the assessment of transfection efficiencies? Do you wish to acquire deeper insight into bioinformatic approaches for RNA-based target identification and optimization or strategies for packaging RNA? This workshop will cover all these aspects! Save the date now so you won’t miss it.


What you can expect from this workshop

  • Insights into current research
  • Experimental implementation and practical training in small groups
  • Review of your own bioinformatics case and development of approaches to its solution
  • Exchange with other experts in RNA research


Benefits of the training course

In small groups participants will

  • become familiar with bioinformatic approaches for RNA-based target identification and optimization
  • learn to apply modern RNA methods, e.g. in-vitro transcription, circRNA purification, RNA transfection
  • discover and develop strategies for packaging RNA
  • produce and characterize RNA-LNPs
  • analyze and assess transfection efficiencies