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Emissions from railway traffic

In direct comparison to the other modes of transport, railway transport features a lower level of pollutant emissions, a more favorable energy balance, and a lower land consumption. Nevertheless, more than 180 years of railway operations in Germany do have an impact on the environment. Especially the release of inorganic and organic substances from railroad traffic and associated infrastructures are of importance in this context. Given the present heterogeneous and insufficient data situation regarding railway transport-related air pollutant emissions, the aim of this research project is to identify possible data deficits and to make an important scientific contribution to closing current knowledge gaps.

Fraunhofer ITEM is one of four partners in this project that was initiated by the German Centre for Rail Traffic Research (DZSF). We will be contributing to the following project goals, among others:

  • Proportionate and pollutant-specific monitoring and determination of gaseous and particulate emissions (taking into account the various material properties/evaluation parameters and measurement models/profiles) from different sources
  • Creation of a comprehensive human toxicological and environmental hazard classification or risk assessment with regard to primary sources, discharge of pollutants, and impact forecasts for air pollutants from railway traffic
  • Development and derivation of a set of measures and possible recommendations for action


Annette Bitsch

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Stefan Hahn

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