Bioinformatics and Digital Health

Customized data analysis pipelines and systematic validation of results

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The Project Group for Bioinformatics improves the analysis of data collected in health research by using novel intelligent methods.

Accurately processed data have an added value over unprocessed raw data. One can speak of a value chain here, comprising several processing and analysis steps that help transform the raw data into validated and conclusive results.

The Project Group for Bioinformatics improves the analysis of data collected in health research by using novel intelligent methods and provides special techniques that enable efficient and validated analyses. An example is the identification of suitable stratified cohorts for medical analyses.

Data integration in knowledge graphs and visualization of biomedical data networks

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Large amounts of data have to be linked with experimental and clinical metadata and visualized.

In the future, analysis of health-related data will be based on efficient integration of large medical data sets. In the first place, large amounts of data will be generated in studies and examinations, in the field of multi-omics analyses in particular. In the second place, these data will then have to be linked with experimental and clinical metadata, such as annotations, and with other data, such as patient records, to enable meaningful analyses. Data integration, therefore, will have to support a broad range of data formats. By efficiently integrating several data sets ("data network") we enable insights that were impossible to get before through the use of isolated systems.

Overview of our services

We support you in the analysis of your biomedical data

Scientific and technical support with preparation, analysis and visualization of existing data sets

Assistance with strategic decisions and with the development of data models or data analysis pipelines

Customized training courses on data analysis topics such as R, Python or database systems

Your benefits

Comprehensive consulting and support throughout the process of data analysis

Tailored concepts for data modeling and data integration

Access to a broad range of methods including use of artificial intelligence, big-data and high-throughput technologies, data security

Customized training courses in the fields of data analysis and data security

There is usually no one-size-fits-all solution to special biomedical problems and endpoints. For each experimental endpoint, a selection must be made from a broad spectrum of technologies and a suitable special solution must be developed. In addition, data security and access control are important aspects when it comes to health data processing. The Project Group for Bioinformatics offers a broad range of client-oriented training courses that will allow you to make optimal use of the latest developments in information technology.

Training courses on data analysis topics

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