Bioinformatic and mathematical modelling

In tumor research and clinical oncology, clinical data are increasingly supplemented by high-dimensional molecular data, or Multiomics data. This makes it possible to characterize highly individualized disease progressions more comprehensively and to better tailor the various treatment options to patients. High-throughput drug testing data and imaging data also broaden the spectrum of complementary information. Integrating these data in a meaningful way and analyzing them together is one of the greatest challenges of modern medicine.


The Personalized Tumor Therapy Unit of Fraunhofer ITEM specializes in analyzing individual disseminated tumor cells. This leads to bioinformatics challenges, which we usually overcome by developing our own analysis pipelines and methods. We develop software applications for medical research and diagnostics that are already being regularly used today in everyday laboratory work. Legal requirements for data protection and data security play a key role and are factored in at all levels of data processing with our projects.


Jens  Warfsmann

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