Multi-level disease modeling

Gain insight into structure and dynamics of your system and extract key information from your data

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Our commitment is data analysis and biological process modeling employed to facilitate development of innovative therapies and support their clinical application.

We offer our clients profound data analysis and result visualization as well as aim-oriented mathematical modeling of biological mechanisms, disease progression, and therapeutic effects. We can also assist in experimental planning and statistical evaluation of experiments and patient trials. Our method spectrum ranges from feature selection, pattern recognition, machine learning, and network analysis to population dynamics, probability theory, and predictive modeling. Clients are invited to use our counseling services.



Our services and expertise

Data analysis:
Feature extraction and selection, dimensionality reduction, pattern recognition, clustering, data integration, machine learning, classification, network and pathway analysis, annotation, database queries, comparison to publicly available data, meta-analysis, statistical testing and modeling, experimental planning, visualization of data, conclusive reports

Mathematical modeling:
Applications requiring population dynamics or probability theory, deterministic and stochastic modeling, prediction, model testing for clinical applications, development of application software in collaboration with external partners 

Your benefits

Comprehensive counseling and provision of data analysis

Integrative mathematical modeling from the cellular to the patient level

Data analysis and modeling will maximize the return from your data

As a non-university research institution we can be your partner in applying for public funding

ITEM-R is DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified