In-vitro and in-vivo drug testing

We test your drugs on representative target cells

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Our commitment is to test the pharmaceutical efficacy of drugs on innovative preclinical models representing systemic cancer disease.

We offer our clients the expertise in generating cellular models for functional analysis of rare cancer cell populations from fluids, organs, and primary tumors. Therefore, we have established technologies allowing expansion of few disseminated or circulating cancer cells despite their extremely low abundance. Such preclinical models based on rare cancer cells provide the opportunity to comparatively test drugs on cancer subpopulations mediating therapy resistance and consequently a relapse of the disease. Our expertise covers the performance of individualized pharmaceutical drug tests to analyze efficacy on target cells of systemic therapy both in vitro and in vivo.



Our services and expertise

Expansion and characterization of rare cancer cell populations:
Disseminated cancer cells from different organs and tumor entities, circulating cancer cells from different tumor entities, subpopulations of primary tumors

Molecular and functional characterization of models:
Doubling time, tumor growth rates, fingerprints/cell-ID, genomic characterization of cell lines (including NGS) and PDX models

In-vitro and in-vivo drug tests on established rare cancer cell models:
Two-dimensional drug screens, three-dimensional sphere assays, patient-derived xenografts (mouse models)

Your benefits

Individualized development of preclinical models based on the cells of interest

Customized assays developed for the mode of action of your drug

Access to a broad range of clinical samples

As a non-university research institution we can be your partner in applying for public funding

ITEM-R is DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified