Profile of Fraunhofer ITEM

Organizational structure

Headed by the Institute Directors and the Executive Committee, Fraunhofer ITEM is organized in eight divisions. The institute‘s headquarters with most of its divisions are in Hannover (Germany), except for the Divisions of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, which has its facilities in Braunschweig on the campus of the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research.

The Fraunhofer ITEM Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy is based in Regensburg‘s BioPark and was set up as a joint initiative of Fraunhofer ITEM, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, and the University of Regensburg.

A chart showing the organizational structure of Fraunhofer ITEM
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Organizational structure of Fraunhofer ITEM

Facts and figures

At tht end of 2016, 303 people were employed at Fraunhofer ITEM. The institute's sponsors include industry and commercial associations, the public sector, and the EU. In 2016, external income amounted to 19 million euros. The institute's budget in 2016 reached a level of 27.7 million euros. For more details, please click on the below figures.

Development of Budget

Development of the Employees

Development of sponsors and external income

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Annual report

The latest Fraunhofer ITEM Annual Report provides comprehensive information about the institute and recent research projects.

Institute chronicles

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