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Our highlights 2021


To our readers

“We look back on a successful year marked by numerous changes, new ideas and a spirit of research.”


Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum

“I look forward to firmly establishing these ties of cardiovascular research with lung and airway research at the institute.”


40 years of Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, the two directors of Fraunhofer ITEM, Prof. Norbert Krug and Prof. Thomas Thum, invited to a panel discussion.

People in research


Dr. Otto Creutzenberg

“It seemed exciting to me to be involved in important studies that help minimize the risk to human health.”


Nataša Stojanović Gužvić Ph.D.

“Understanding the molecular basis of human disease and cancer research in particular have fascinated me since my teenage years.”


Annika Wittig

“The documentation of sensitive health data in clinical research is a critical puzzle piece for progress in medicine!”

For more than four decades, we have been developing solutions for human health


Cardiopulmonary research

Through the establishment of a Division of Cardiovascular Research in 2021, the long-standing expertise in lung research is experiencing a synergetic further development of high clinical relevance. 

Medic. and Pharmaceut. Engineering

Our focus is on new inhalation technologies and on developing novel technologies for administration of therapeutic aerosols by smart drug/device combination products.


Malignant disease

The Fraunhofer ITEM Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy in Regensburg aims to understand a patient’s individual condition, establish appropriate diagnostics, advance prevention and optimize therapies.


Our researchers develop methods for preparation, analysis and visualization of biomedical data, as well as data models and data analysis pipelines. The focus is on the mapping of cellular and regulatory processes and their translation into applications.



Based on the next generation risk assessment concept, Fraunhofer ITEM develops new assessment strategies to provide predictive models for assessing the safety of compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.


Immunology and infection research

The development, formulation and mode of delivery of anti-infective agents, for example for inhaled administration as drug aerosols, are research topics of current interest at the institute.

Behind the scenes

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