EU is funding a research project on the therapy of cardiac fibrosis with around 2.5 million euros

On the home stretch to an RNA drug against cardiac fibrosis

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About four million people in Germany suffer from chronic heart failure. One characteristic of the disease is the stiffening of the heart muscle because connective tissue cells are deposited, referred to as fibrosis. For years, Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum, head of the Institute for Molecular and Translational Therapy Strategies at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) and institute director of Fraunhofer ITEM, has been researching a remedy for the hitherto incurable cardiac fibrosis. He has already received the highest science funding from the European Union for this. Now the European Research Council (ERC) is supporting the physician again. As part of the newly created funding line for innovations, the scientist will receive around 2.5 million euros for his FIBREX project. The goal is to further develop a therapeutic agent he discovered into a drug candidate.