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Targeted metabolomics by LC-MS/MS

The metabolome comprises the entirety of all small molecules found in the different compart­ments of an organism.
© Fraunhofer ITEM, Ralf Mohr
The metabolome comprises the entirety of all small molecules found in the different compart­ments of an organism.
Fraunhofer ITEM is a certified laboratory of Biocrates

We offer standardized and high-throughput quantitative metabolome analysis by LC-MS/MS and NMR spectroscopy. 


We are a certified laboratory of Biocrates®, offering standardized laboratory and kit workflow procedures. The kit-based approach presents the following advantages:

  • High analyte coverage by targeting 1019 metabolites from 39 biochemical substance classes per sample
  • High sample throughput, allowing the analysis of more than 600 samples within 2 weeks
  • Applicability to various matrices such as plasma, serum, urine, faeces and tissue samples from different species such as rat, mouse, human etc.
  • Standardized data processing, with data delivery in an editable Excel format facilitating transfer for data evaluation

Targeted metabolomics by NMR spectroscopy

We offer standardized NMR-based metabolomics by applying Bruker IVDr (B.I.) Analysis packages.


Advantages of this approach are:

  • Fully quantitative determination of several hundred metabolites from various biochemical substance classes using:
    • B.I.Quant-PS - Quantification Engine for Human Plasma & Serum
    • B.I.LISA - Lipoprotein Subclass Analysis for Human Plasma & Serum
    • B.I.Quant-UR ex - Human Urine Extended Quantification Method
  • Applicability to various body fluids such as plasma, serum, urine, CSF and methanol extracts of tissues etc. 
  • Non-destructive sample analysis with high reproducibility


The number of metabolites in any organism is vast and their entirety cannot be captured by a single analytical method.
© Fraunhofer ITEM, Ralf Mohr
The number of metabolites in any organism is vast and their entirety cannot be captured by a single analytical method.

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Recent Publications

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